3 Common Myths about Root Canal


When it comes to our teeth, we seem to be very apprehensive on any treatment that we undergo to. We already have pictures in our mind on how painful the whole process of tooth extraction and cleaning even if it is not really painful. Because of this, we often skip visits to our dentist and end up having toothaches and gum disease. We should not wait for this to happen, we have to overcome our fears and have our teeth checked.

A particular dental process that we dread is the root canal. We have heard a lot of people telling us that they would never go through this no matter what. But we are about to make you understand the process of the root canal and correct your thoughts about it.

Here are three myths that you need to know of:

  • Myth 1: Root Canal is too painful

    We have been hearing a lot of hearsay about how painful the whole procedure or root canal is. But the truth is that the pain the patients feel is not on how doctors handle the treatment but it is caused by the infected tooth. The swelling and the pain that you feel is caused by the bacteria on your teeth. But in reality, the whole process of the root canal is painless.

    At Tooth Spa Dentistry, the expert in Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, we now have advanced technologies for a root canal that will give you a painless procedure. We also provide anesthesia to make sure you do not feel anything the whole time. Ask your dentist today about how root canal works so as you do not get the wrong impression about it.

  • Myth 2: Root Canal can cause or worsen infection

    Because of the complicated process of the root canal, we have the impression that it could contribute to the worsening of our tooth infection. But then again, the goal of such treatment is to relieve pain and to bring back the beauty of your smile again.

    Moreover, once you get the treatment of root canal it cannot activate other illnesses of the body. There is also no valid study that root canal has a direct relationship to the body’s activity. It is used as a treatment for severe infection of the permanent tooth. And to keep the pain from coming back, the process will involve the extraction of the infected tooth pulp and the filling of guta-percha material and then it will be cemented.

  • Myth 3: Root canal is synonymous to tooth extraction

    In tooth extraction, your permanent tooth will forever be extracted. But with the root canal, your natural tooth will remain despite its infection. Because the root canal procedure will only extract the root and not the whole tooth, so basically you still have all your teeth intact after.

    On the other hand, if you opt to extract your swollen tooth, you might have to wear tooth jacket to replace your natural tooth. It could also be more uncomfortable for you because you need time to adjust and be more familiar with how to use it.

Nevertheless, the root canal is very effective in treating your infected tooth. But whether you should have your root canal procedure today or not is up to your dentist. You need a thorough examination, an X-ray of your tooth and a few days of observation if there is no other alternative for it. Do not worry, at Tooth Spa Dentistry, your partner in Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, we will give you a good diagnosis of your condition.

For queries about our root canal and other dental services, check our website www.toothspadentistry.com or call us today at 916-209-3708.


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