4 Common Causes of Tooth Decay

4 Common Causes of Tooth Decay

We just love sweets. We can never say no to candies, chocolates, chips and sodas. Sometimes, we even binge on burgers and fries and other greasy stuff. Even though we know how these foods can be harmful to our body and to our teeth, we just cannot help but love them so much. We love food too much that we forget about teeth and how to take good care of it properly.

When our teeth are full of cavities caused by bacteria and food that gets stuck in our mouth, it becomes more susceptible to decay. The consequences of tooth decay are not a joke. We will experience a lot of pain not just in our mouth but headache as well. These too are intimately connected that what happens to one will affect the other. It is noteworthy that dentists and other dental care providers like ToothSpa Dentistry, the trusted source of Dental Services in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, should raise awareness to people on how to take good care of their teeth.

What is tooth decay?

Tooth Decay is the damage done by the bacteria and germs that dwells in your mouth. If you do not brush your teeth regularly, bacteria will stick in the corners of your teeth excreting acids that will slowly consume the calcium that protects your teeth. This acid will create a hole in your teeth that will eventually lead to cavity.

You can only imagine how excruciating the pain can be once your tooth gets damaged. It will be difficult for you to eat the food that you always wanted and soon you will lose appetite on it.

As what dentists and dental care providers like ToothSpa Dentistry, the complete source of Dental Services in Sterling Parkway Lincoln, CA, there are different causes of tooth decay and usually they are found in our daily lifestyle:

1. Not brushing your teeth regularly
This is the most common cause of tooth decay. As much as possible we have to brush our teeth every after meal. In this manner, the bacteria from food do not get stuck in our mouth so there will be lesser risk of developing cavities and plaques around your teeth.

2. Escaping from dental check-ups and cleaning
We are all guilty of this. We are scheduled for a visit to our dentist but we always cancel them or opt not to go to the clinic. It is either we are afraid of how painful the procedure can be or we are just too lazy to have our teeth checked. What we do not know is how helpful these check-ups and cleaning to our hygiene. If our dentist can spot and possible complications in our teeth, they can easily treat your teeth and prevent it from further damage.

3. Eating too much sugar and carbohydrates
Need I say more? This is common knowledge but we just cannot help ourselves. They are too delicious to resist. But, one unsolicited advice from us and our team of dentist at ToothSpa Dentistry, try to eat in moderation to avoid toothache.

4. Dry mouth
Have you ever tried having a dry mouth? Where it seems like you do not have enough saliva in your mouth? Well, this is not just about not having enough water in our body. Dry mouth can be an indicator of diabetes or it can cause harmful bacteria to stay in your mouth. The purpose of our saliva is to flush off the toxins from our mouth and breed decay.

Do any of these instances have happened to you? By now surely, you have fully realized that tooth decay is caused by the kind of lifestyle we have. If we are very conscious of what we put in our mouth and we are very serious with our hygiene, there is lesser probability that our teeth will be damaged. And you know how important our teeth are. It is the first thing people notice when you talk and smile. So do not let that smile fade away, take care of your teeth!

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