5 Times Your Mouth is Trying to Warn You about Your Overall Health


Do you know that your mouth can convey messages without using your vocal chords? Your oral parts – gums, teeth, and surrounding tissues – can tell a lot about your overall health.

Turns out, your organ systems and bodily processes have an effect on your mouth. After reading this article, you might want to take a closer look at your mouth to get a glimpse of your general health status. Here are warning messages you must consult with a dentist or a doctor:

  1. Decaying Teeth

    Health Translation: GERD or Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease

    Surprise! Decaying teeth aren’t normal consequences of aging. What’s more, they can happen whether you’re 7 or 70.

    Teeth start to crumble once the acid from the stomach starts to melt the enamel, and such acid reflux is due to GERD. It’s a chronic disease that can lead to a serious health threat, including rapture to the tunnel that connects the stomach and the esophagus.

    Other Signs: Common GERD symptoms include heartburn, dry mouth, bulimia, and chipped teeth.

  2. Brittle or Scabbing Dentures

    Health Translation: Pneumonia

    Dentures (false teeth) are commonly worn among the elderly, and they have a significant contribution to a deadly disease, pneumonia. Inhaling debris around the dentures and teeth may cause dangerous (to fatal) inflammation in the lungs, leading to aspiration pneumonia – the number one cause of deaths among seniors.

    Other Signs: Brittle debris or material on your dentures.

  3. Damaged Teeth Accompanied by Headache

    Health Translation: Overwhelming Stress

    Grinding of teeth (especially during sleep) is a common indicator of stress. What you perceive as a simple “habit” may have an underlying reason, like stress, and you might not notice it until you become aware of it.

    Other Signs: Flat teeth as you feel them with your tongue, jaw aches as you clench your teeth, or headaches upon grinding.

  4. Dry Mouth

    Health Translation: Diabetes

    Dry mouth can be caused by a number of things, from dehydration to allergy reactions. As a matter of fact, there are lots of drugs which side effects include dry mouth too. However, if your mouth can’t produce enough saliva to keep its environment in fine fettle, it can point to autoimmune diseases, like diabetes.

    Other Signs: Polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, weight loss, and change in vision.

  5. Recurrent Mouth Sores

    Health Translation: Oral Cancer

    Mouth sores may be acquired out of habit (biting the insides of the mouth) or accident, but when they seem persistent for weeks, you must schedule for an appointment with your dentist or doctor ASAP. A persistent oral sore is one of the primary indicators of oral cancer.

    Other Signs: Raised oral ulcers with red and white linings, sores that don’t go away for weeks, or bleeding and numbness in the area.

Steer Clear of These Red Flags

Fortunately, proper maintenance and care of your oral health and dental accessories can keep you away from these warning signs. It’s surprising to know that our bodies work in unison and convey messages on what’s happening in our systems.

Check your mouth – Is it healthy?

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