6 Dental Habits You Should Stop Doing


Can you live without or with an incomplete set of teeth? Most of us would likely answer in the negative. Aside from the difficulty in chewing food, having less to no teeth affects our confidence. It may make us feel that we are inferior and ugly. Though such thoughts hold no truths at all, you should not deny yourself to a healthy and functional teeth.

Taking care of your teeth is not that simple. However, it is already quite an assurance that you are tending your pearly whites well if you rid of these bad habits:

  1. Brushing too hard

    Your teeth deserve your gentleness. When you brush too hard, you may be forcibly pushing your teeth and gums backward. This may cause teeth dislocation and realignment. Also, the teeth’s natural enamel coating may be eroded because of the force.

  2. Excessive nail biting

    Nail biting is usually classified as compulsive, or that done continuously without the doer’s intention to do so. At an excessive rate, this habit may pose damage to teeth and gums. Also, it is very unhygienic. Germs located in the nails may be transferred orally during the nail-to-mouth contact.

  3. Smoking

    Sipping through tobacco sticks does not only damage the lungs and the heart. It has dreadful dental implications, too. Among the known horrid consequences of tobacco are bad breath, bleeding gums, teeth discoloration, dry mouth, darkened lips, and even sore throat. Excessive smoking is always bad for your health, and no study has yet disproved that. To prolong your life and save your pocket from expenses due to medications, put a stop to this unhealthy habit.

  4. Biting on pencils

    Having a writer’s block? Biting a pencil or two will not provide you any ounce of creativity. Rather, some part of your teeth may even break in the process. A better and healthier alternative is chewing on sugarless gums.

  5. Chewing ice

    When you reach the bottom of your iced lemonade, please refrain from chewing the ice. If you continue to chew ice, you are contributing to the premature destruction of your teeth. Tooth layers may chip off and even enamel can be corroded.

  6. Using your teeth inappropriately

    Judging by the composition of our body, teeth are for eating. If you use your teeth inappropriately, you may be putting unnecessary stress on them. Common examples are removing clothes’ tags and popping soda bottle caps. Please be reminded that scissors and bottle openers are already invented, use them accordingly.

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