7 Foods and Beverages You Love but Your Teeth Hate


Having a clean and strong set of teeth is essential for human life. In romance, having dazzling pearly whites will increase your chances of attracting the girl or the guy of your dreams. As for career, properly aligned and healthy teeth will make you appear more responsible and trustworthy, traits that are usually judged at first impression.

Aside from using the right bristles and visiting your dentist bi-annually, watching what you eat also matters. As a matter of fact, there are foods and drinks that you must avoid to guard your teeth and gums against oral diseases. Here are a few of them:

  1. Sugar-based products

    Enamel is the coating that provides protection for your teeth’s fragile inner sections. It is what makes your teeth sturdy and lustrous. However, sugary products like soda and pastries, produce acid that melts enamel. Furthermore, remains of such sugary products may seep into teeth gaps which later turn into plaques.

  2. White bread

    Common in most households, this breakfast essential is one of the notorious causes of plaque and damaged teeth. When saliva interacts with the bread during meals, it breaks starch into sugar. From then, the broken sugar component dissolves the enamel coating and weaken the teeth.

  3. Chips

    Another abundant source of starch and acid are potato chips and other junk food variants. Many of us mindlessly consume these kinds of food at a high amount. Make it a habit to floss your teeth every after meal!

  4. Dried fruits

    Though healthy and scrumptious at the same time, the tiny and sticky remains of dried fruits after a meal can start plaque buildups. To preserve your teeth’s health, do not forget to brush or floss thereafter.

  5. Citrus fruits

    Though good for the body, fruits like lemons, oranges, and berries, should be eaten with caution. Their highly acidic contents can easily erode enamel and expose the teeth to destruction. To avoid this from happening, eat the fruits while drinking water regularly.

  6. Alcohol

    When you drink, you are actually drying your mouth. A consequence of which is losing a good amount of saliva. The dentist says that saliva keeps teeth healthy because it rinses small food particles stuck in teeth crevices. Without which, your teeth become a conducive environment for plaque to form. When drinking alcohol is inevitable, stay hydrated by drinking water copiously.

  7. Caffeinated drinks

    Caffeinated drinks like instant coffee can cause dry mouth too. What adds more to the dental danger is some people’s habit of adding more sugar.

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