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The Sparkling Benefits of Having Regular Dental Cleaning

Most people don’t bother going to the dentist for a regular dental cleaning, let alone a dental check-up, for a couple of reasons that include: their inability to leave their childhood phobia with dentists behind or the mentality that a … Read More ›


The Alarming Link Between Oral and General Health

Did you know that your oral health is actually linked to your overall health? Your dental problems can either cause issues in your general health or vice-versa. If you think that a visit to the Tooth Spa Dentistry for a … Read More ›


4 Helpful Tips to Clean Your Dentures

Nobody feels comfortable talking and smiling with an incomplete set of teeth, thus the reason why the dental society has created artificial dentures in order for those who are toothless to have temporary teeth. However, the greatest challenge in havi...

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4 Incredible Facts about Your Mouth

The first thing the people will notice about you is either your eyes or your smile. This could be your best market and trademark or this could be your worst asset. If you notice, dentists and different dental care products … Read More ›


3 Healthy Foods that Improve Your Oral Protection

What we eat is generally what affects our dental and overall oral hygiene. Yes, our food have bacteria in them that could deteriorate our teeth, tongue, and mouth. That is why we need to make sure that we brush our … Read More ›