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Babs C.

Having recently relocated to Rocklin, I was in need of a dentist as well as a massage. By chance, a neighbor gave me a coupon for Tooth Spa Dentistry offering x-rays, exam, cleaning and a complimentary massage for $49. Not being a fool, I immediately made an appointment and am beyond pleased that I did so.

I was greeted warmly and immediately sensed that the people working there truly cared about me. Valentina took x-rays with a butterfly touch – no jamming of x-ray paraphernalia into my mouth – and constantly checking on my comfort. Dr. Irene was equally gentle and caring with her exam and cleaning and took additional pictures to assist with her explanation of the dental issues she found. On completion of my visit with Dr. Irene, Tai Tai, the masseuse, ushered me into a fully equipped massage room and proceeded to provide an expert massage for which I would have been charged at least the ridiculously low cost of the x-rays, exam and cleaning.

The following day, I called the office with a question for Dr. Irene The answering machine actually gave me her cell phone number to call if no one answered at the office. She answered her phone, understood my request and immediately handled it. I ask you, what dentist have you ever known who will disclose a private number?

During her exam, Dr. Irene commented that her staff and each of her patients become part of her family and she cares for them as she would a family member. I’ve lived long enough to know that actions prove the validity of words. In Dr. Irene’s case, her actions are proof that she is a gentle, caring, competent professional with staff who reflect her values. In sum, I strongly and without hesitation recommend Dr. Irene to all who would like to have a dentist in the family.

Source: Yelp