Dropping the Old School Brace-Face Trend

Dropping the Old School Brace-Face Trend
Admit it, getting braces back then was the coolest thing ever, especially when you get to choose different color brackets every month. It made you feel trendy among your peers. Yes, you may get a few jealous stares and maybe a few mocking ones; the point is, if you had braces, you were cool.

Little do they realize the hardships that come with having it. The adjustments every month, those little killer bands that hurt your teeth every time you open your mouth, the struggle that comes with eating, and all those things that only brace-face teens can relate to. They may look like their having the most fun smiling around and showing off their latest accessory but, trust us when we say that they also wish they would not have food stuck between their braces every time they eat. They too, are probably jealous of you if you did not need braces. Not only is it expensive and high maintenance, it can be a huge pain too.

However, thanks to modern technology and intelligent innovators, Invisalign is finally in the picture. It is definitely the easier choice. Imagine having a pair of braces that no one will ever really see and is removable? Getting food stuck between your teeth is no longer a frustration because you will not have metal wires on every second for the next 3-5 years. Here are a few other things that may make Invisalign your next investment:

  • It’s custom-made to fit your teeth. Science has found a way to mold these beautiful things into your teeth to make them straighter while still showing off the existing pearly whites you have. It is literally, almost invisible.
  • Convenience. You will receive different sizes of Invisalign braces to wear every two weeks and you only have to visit your dentist every two months. Of course, it depends on further advice. But think of not having to move anything in your schedule every month just to fit in an appointment? Heaven.
  • It Really Works. Cynics may feel skeptical about it because, how can something be so convenient and all around ‘easy’, and so powerful for the teeth? Believe it or not, it actually works and it’s known to work just as well as traditional metal braces do.
  • REMOVABLE. Say goodbye to those little floss things for your metal wires. You can now remove your braces while you eat. What else could you ask for?

Now, you may be asking yourselves where you can get these beautiful contraptions. Lucky for you, Tooth Spa Dentistry is at your service. We offer different services, including Invisalign installations to ensure that you can now smile your brightest next time you see a stranger on the street.

Visit the best Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln, CA. You may go to www.toothspadentistry.com or call 916-209-3708 for further inquiries and appointments.

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