How to Keep Children Calm During Their First Dental Visit

How to Keep Children Calm During Their First Dental Visit

Are your little angels not too fond of going to the dentist? Do not worry, this is but a common scenario. The fear or discomfort towards dentists is usually rooted in how the public views them. In the past, dentists attach contraptions to patients and utilize wrenches that are not too pain sensitive. However, that is no longer present today. Brought by the advancement of technology, the tools utilized and methods employed by dentists are no longer crude. Most often than not, they are already delivered with finesse and precision.

But a child’s fear is not easily remedied. As a parent, you must be troubled by this. Luckily, Tooth Spa Dentistry has some useful tips for you. Read these pointers:

  1. Do not surprise them

    Especially if you know that your children fear the dentist, tell them beforehand that you are going to make a visit. It is never advisable to mislead them. Doing such may appeal to the children that you are betraying them.

  2. Introduce dentists as kind doctors

    Tell your children that dentists are not bad individuals and that they are there to keep children’s teeth healthy. Also, they are gentle and compassionate. Dentists are trained this way to avoid stressing patients out.

  3. Stay calm and empathetic

    Never be agitated if your children continue to be repulsive. It is a basic human instinct to flee from danger or threats. That is exactly what your children is doing. Instead, try to appease them. Never raise your tone. Remain sensitive to your children’s feelings.

  4. Keep talking to them

    Other children get chatty when they are nervous. To help them diffuse their nerves, talk along with them too. Doing this is therapeutic. It can help the children distract themselves from the fear and enhance their concentration toward finishing the goal.

  5. Promise incentives

    Use the businessman approach. If your children cannot be swayed by your words and reassurances, promise to give or do something for them in exchange for cooperation.

  6. Stay with them

    Never be out of their sight. Remember, children are always dependent on their parents especially with regard matters involving security. Keep on reassuring them that everything will be alright and that experiencing a dental visit will in no way cause them unnecessary pain.

  7. Commend them for their good work

    If they had successfully made it through the dental session, congratulate them. They deserve your praise because overcoming a certain fear is never easy. To adults this feat maybe minor, but for children, this can be life-changing.

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