Things You Absolutely Do Not Know About Your Teeth (Part 1)

Things You Absolutely Do Not Know About Your Teeth (Part 1)

Your first tooth emerged from your mouth since your 6th month of living in this world and it can leave you at any time of the day. So what do you know about your teeth and how important are these to your overall wellbeing?

Just as we have been positively conditioned by the society and our parents on how to count, tie our shoelaces, recite the alphabet, memorize the multiplication table and many more to mention, we have been repetitively instructed on how to take good care or your teeth.

However, there are many things you may not know about your teeth and some of them are the following 2:

1. The best friend of your teeth might not be your toothbrush.

Yes, that stick with a region of fluff at the tip may not be the superhero or knight in shining armour for your beloved teeth. Of course, it is true and a common knowledge that a toothbrush and that strand of dental floss will work wonders for your teeth once used wisely.
But did you know that the first line of protection of your teeth is something that has already been in your mouth since the day you were born? That is right! Your saliva is your teeth’s best friend and your mouth’s first line of defence. You do not have to look greatly on the expensive hygiene tools now.

Our saliva is “nature’s disinfecting cavity fighter” as said by a dentist from Farmington, MN whose name is Kimberly Harms.

2. Snacking and sipping may be a cause of hurting in your teeth.

If you think chocolates, cookies and other sweet snacks are the only primary cause of an ache in your tooth, you have to think again. Your non-stop snacking and sipping may be the root cause of it.

Harms said: “It’s not just how much sugar or starch we eat. It’s how you eat.”
It is the acid created by your snacks, no matter what it is, that gets at your teeth. The more sugar and carbohydrates you eat, the more the acids of these foods will kill your teeth. In short, eating an entire meal is better than taking a lot of little bites.

We know and we get it. You were not informed of this when you were younger. You do not have to worry for dentists and other oral care health practitioners are here to help you out just like Tooth Spa Dentistry, the most excellent provider of Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA.

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