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Common Details to Know About Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Common Details to Know About Impacted Wisdom Tooth

Every person must regularly receive dental care in Lincoln, California. Doing so prevents you from suffering those oral issues that may impact the way you eat or speak. However, no matter how regularly you receive quality oral care, several oral problems occur despite you having healthy dental habits. One of them is the impacted wisdom tooth.

What Is Impacted Wisdom Tooth?

Typically, a human mouth cannot accommodate 32 teeth. If a wisdom tooth comes through, the gums usually won’t have enough space to accommodate it. Thus, the wisdom tooth’s growth will cause ear pain, swelling, and crowding. Not only that, if the said tooth grows in the wrong direction, it can even damage the nearby teeth.

When to Remove a Wisdom Tooth?

While you don’t usually need to extract the wisdom tooth, there are certain cases when it is imperative to remove a wisdom tooth. You should remove it when:

  • There is swelling, pressure, discomfort, and pain
  • The teeth are partially decayed
  • If they will cause damage to nearby teeth

There is no need to remove the wisdom tooth if there is no apparent damage. See to it, though, that you adopt good oral hygiene and receive preventive dental care in California from a reputable dentist. This way, the surrounding area of the wisdom tooth won’t accumulate bacteria, which may eventually lead to dental issues such as infection, tooth decay, and gum problems.

Tooth Spa Dentistry promotes regular oral care to ensure oral health. Quality dental services can prevent a lot of dental issues, after all. Don’t hesitate to visit our clinic to receive quality oral care.

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