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Dental Care: Let’s Get Back to the Basics


Caring for your teeth is quite an obvious thing to do to maintain healthy teeth and gums. Aside from hygiene, you can say that dental care is also medical care because it prevents the bacteria in your mouth from spreading into your body.

Brushing your teeth twice or thrice a day sounds basic. However, it’s one of the most crucial. If you have sensitive teeth, go for toothbrushes with small heads and soft to medium bristles. You can also either use toothpaste for sensitive teeth or a tooth gel.

Sometimes, the food you eat gets stuck between your teeth. Brushing your teeth can help remove them. However, there will always be those food particles that remain even though you’ve thoroughly run your teeth with your toothbrush. Dental flossing is the key to removing food particles and plaque that cause tooth decay.

If you want to have fresher breath, you can count on a quality mouthwash to give you a satisfying minty breath. You can use it for gargle after brushing your teeth and flossing. As per the dental experts in our dental care in Lincoln, California, mouthwash can also kill the remaining bacteria in your teeth and gums.

Our preventive dental care in California not only provides services for dental care, but we also provide tips on how to prevent tooth decay and gum infection.

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