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Flouride in Your Toothpaste: Do You Really Need It?

Flouride in Your Toothpaste: Do You Really Need It?

As a provider of preventive dental care in California, we often get asked whether we really need fluoride in our toothpaste. The answer is yes. You definitely need fluoride in your toothpaste. Otherwise, you might as well not use toothpaste.

According to UHealth, you really do not need toothpaste to remove dental plaque from your teeth. The mechanical action of the toothbrush bristles and flossing can disrupt tooth decay and gum disease, causing dental plaque. So why use toothpaste anyway? Here are some benefits to using toothpaste:

  • Fresh mouth feeling. You can get rid of bad breath and have a fresher feeling mouth.
  • Whitening agents. You can whiten your teeth and have a brighter smile.
  • Prevent tooth decay. If you use a toothpaste with fluoride you can prevent tooth decay. Fluoride reduces the demineralization process, which leads to tooth decay. Fluoride can also remineralize the area if you don’t have a full-blown cavity yet.

Dr. Davide Okano, a periodontist and professor at the University of Utah School of dentistry, encourages people to brush twice daily with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste for maximum cavity prevention.

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