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How Sugar Really Affects Your Teeth

How Sugar Really Affects Your Teeth

Consuming sugary foodstuffs don’t necessarily cause tooth decay; rather, it’s the habit of eating too much of them. Your mouth takes about an hour to neutralize the acid caused by eating and drinking sugar, during which time your teeth are under attack from this acid.

Tooth Spa Dentistry, your number one provider of Preventive Dental Care in California advises patients to limit the number of these attacks by limiting sugar intake. Chewing sugar-free gum and drinking water after each meal can also aid in neutralizing these sugar acids more quickly.

If possible, avoid carbonated drinks like soda, artificially made fruit juices, sports drinks, and alcoholic drinks. These beverages can be very acidic and can cause major dental erosion. Dental erosion is the stage where the acid from your foods and drinks gradually hack away at the hard enamel coating of your teeth.

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