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Tips on How You Can Protect Your Teeth During Holidays


A simple smile can mean so much to yourself and to the people around you. You might not have known it, you lightened somebody’s mood and feelings. A smile means a lot. It can mean contentment, success, accomplishment, delight or happiness. It can be a tool towards everything that we do, nobody can resist a beautiful smile. During the holidays, we flaunt our beautiful smiles because it’s a day of celebration and a day where food and sweets are overflowing. Before we take a bite of our second chocolate cake serving, have we thought about the total amount of sweets that we have consumed already? Without proper dental care, sweets can easily damage our teeth, taking away our best asset.

Our smile is an asset and the tools are our eyes, lips, and a clean set of teeth. We need to protect our tools to keep our asset. Tips for protecting the eyes and lips are very famous as we often read about it in social media but we seldom read or hear anything about protecting the teeth. Brushing daily is not enough, just like any other parts of our body, it too requires checkup and pampering.

Here are some of the best tips we can practice to protect our teeth during the holidays.

  • Control and minimize sugary foods and drinks.Holiday is the time where sweets are everywhere, it gives everybody, young and old, the feeling of elation and excitement. Despite the celebration, we must not lose track of the sweets that we consumed. Go for dark chocolates, yes it is sweet, bitter-sweet, but other than being sweet it also contains fiber and antioxidants. Brush your teeth an hour after eating dark chocolates. Chew on sugar-free candies and gums to boost saliva production to cleanse the teeth and neutralize its acidity.
  • Be mindful of your dental appointments.If your scheduled dental checkup falls on a holiday, make it a habit to check with your dentist first. Proceed with the checkup not unless the dentist says so. Rescheduling your dental check-up by yourself might result in no checkup at all. Follow your schedules since dentists have schedules to follow too. They might be too busy in the next following days, most dental clinics are closed on a holiday.
  • Be prepared all the time. Always have a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash with you. If it’s the holiday season, you would never really know when you should brush your teeth or use mouthwash.

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Keep smiling! Any other tips on how we can protect our teeth during the holidays? Comment your suggestions below.

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