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What to Do After Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

What to Do After Your Tooth Extraction Procedure

A tooth extraction, one of the dental services from a reliable dental clinic, typically does not last long. After the procedure, you need to think about the aftercare.

  • Within the First 24 Hours After the Procedure.Your dentist will give instructions for preventive dental care in California. Following these instructions is crucial to speed up healing and prevent tooth infections.Take plenty of rest. Don’t rinse nor spit so as not to dislodge the blood clot. Avoid smoking.
  • What Foods to Eat and Not to Eat.As much as possible, avoid eating solid foods during the healing process. Go for soft foods, instead. These can include yogurt, soup, pudding, and smoothies. In most cases, you will need to eat soft foods for a whole week after your tooth extraction.
  • Dealing with Pain.It’s quite normal to feel pain, soreness, or discomfort after the procedure. Swelling may also occur. In that case, your doctor will most likely prescribe painkillers to help ease the symptoms. If these symptoms persist or get worse two or three days after the procedure, contact your dentist right away.

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