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Ways to Know If Your Dental Problem Is an Emergency


Most of us would write off going to the dentist for an emergency unless we were bleeding profusely or if we were in too much pain because of a toothache.

However, aside from these obvious outward signs, there are many other unlikely signs of a dental emergency.

And as your trusted provider of dental care in Lincoln, California, we want to emphasize how important it is that you seek an emergency intervention when you experience the following:

  • You have a loose or wiggly tooth.
    This isn’t a cause for concern for children as this may simply indicate baby teeth shedding, but for adults, this may point to a tooth injury, such as nerve or jaw damage.
  • Your gums are bleeding and painful.
    Do you bleed when you floss? Does it leave your gums aching? It may be a sign of early gum disease.
  • Your jaw is swollen.
    A swollen jaw can indicate a salivary gland infection, especially when you have a fever and trouble breathing and/or swallowing.
  • You have a dental abscess.
    An abscess is an infection in itself, which typically needs surgery to drain and treat.
  • Your canker sore won’t go away.
    Canker sores are normal for the most part, and anything can trigger its development. But if they aren’t getting better for two (2) weeks,you must get it checked as it could be a sign of an underlying immune system issue.

Of course, the best way would be to practice preventive dental care in California to minimize the risk of dental emergencies.

But when it happens, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Our dental services at Tooth Spa Dentistry are available for your emergencies even outside of office hours; no appointment needed.

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