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4 Incredible Facts about Your Mouth


The first thing the people will notice about you is either your eyes or your smile. This could be your best market and trademark or this could be your worst asset. If you notice, dentists and different dental care products have sprung in different markets worldwide, offering people whiter teeth and fresher breath.
This is because manufacturers have seen how your teeth and your mouth could take you to places.

Due to this fact, we at Tooth Spa Dentistry, a trusted Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, value the smile of our clients. We offer you different dental care services and even cosmetic dentistry to ensure that your mouth is always in good condition. We put emphasis on tooth care because we know the importance of having healthy teeth and good breath. Moreover, we have come up with a list of surprising facts that you should know about your teeth.

  1. Not all teeth are the same
    Our teeth are uniquely different from each other. There are some people who have small teeth while there are some who have big teeth. That is why our dentists always measure our teeth when we want to have dentures or when we have our teeth fit for braces. Even our tongues have unique prints. This could be used to get DNA samples.
  2. Our teeth is made up of enamel
    Food that enters our mouth passes through our teeth. The teeth will crush them, grind them into small pieces so that it will be easier for the stomach to digest. Thus, our teeth must be
    strong enough to cut through the hard meat and grind all the food that we eat. That is why it is naturally coated with enamel. This is deemed to be the hardest part of our body. It protects our teeth from cavities. It is made up of calcium and phosphate.
  3. Toothbrush is not your first line of defense against cavities
    Contrary to what commercials and dental advertisements tell us, our toothbrush may not be the best way to ward off cavities. In fact, our best line of defense against cavities is our saliva. It may be surprising but it is a fact. Our saliva disinfects the germs that come with our food and other bacteria that breeds in our mouth. Hence, that is why we always need to hydrate ourselves and pop some mints every now and then. This could help prevent you from having a dry mouth.
  4. Drinking with straw is bad for your mouth
    We always like sipping that cold soda or that sugary frappuccino in our favorite restaurants and cafes. Drinking liquid through straws makes us enjoy the taste of the beverage more rather than just drinking it directly from the cup. But if we always drink everything using a straw, this could be bad for your teeth. The straw makes the bacteria linger longer in our mouth. Moreover, if we want to eat something sweet or carbo-loaded food, it is best if we eat it one at a time so that it will give our mouth the chance to neutralize the acid from the food. If we use a straw to drink it, it will only add up to the sugar and our mouth cannot keep up with it, making the bacteria stay longer inside the mouth.

Your teeth does wonders, that’s why we need to take good care of them. Once cavities and gingivitis damage your teeth, you might not be able to eat your favorites that easily anymore. So to give your teeth a little tender loving care, visit us at Tooth Spa Dentistry. For a list of our services, visit www.toothspadentistry.com or call us at 916-209-3708.

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