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When to Get an Emergency Dental Service?


Dental problems can be a huge bother in your daily activities. Not only is it a hassle but there are times when it becomes highly uncomfortable or painful. But how can you know if it is merely a dental problem that you can set an appointment to in the weekend or an emergency that cannot wait until the next day?

There are certain situations when you may be confused whether it is an urgent dental issue or not. Generally, you need to assess some factors such as:

  • Severe pain with bleeding
    These are emergency signs
  • Losing a tooth
    Early and fast treatment can still save the teeth
  • Bleeding from the mouth
    This is an emergency sign
  • Having a loose tooth
    It is not normal for adults to have loose teeth, even if it is painless
  • Having abscess or pus
    This is a sign of infection and it could be life-threatening. It can happen alongside swelling of the face or knots along the gums

Losing a tooth, however it happened, will require a dental implant. If you still have your own tooth, pick it up by the crown for as not to damage the root tissue. Swelling of the face would mean a serious infection that cannot be treated by home remedies. It could either be an infected tooth, gum or facial bone. Mouth bleeding can signify an acute or chronic condition. It would be best to consult and have a dentist check your teeth to know the proper diagnosis. Gum abscess or any signs of pus could mean infection. It can appear as white, clear, red or yellow dots on the gums. This would require an x-ray procedure or a root canal extraction.

How to Avoid Emergency Dental Cases

One of the best ways to avoid any emergency dental issues is to always do oral hygiene. This would include brushing your teeth every after eating daily, flossing and monthly check-ups with the dentist. There are dentists who can do Preventive Dental Care in Lincoln, CA. This can check the crowns and fillings and look out for signs of gum disease, infection, and tooth decay.

Acquiring Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA can let you have a customized treatment plan to alleviate any dental concerns. Dental emergencies are sometimes inevitable, even if you routinely do oral hygiene. Lastly, you can have contacts from Tooth Spa Dentistry in case you need to call a reliable dentist right away.


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