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What You Need to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry


Dental health is very important for individuals of all ages. Visiting the dentist is not only for the purpose of taking out rotten teeth or fitting for braces. The dentists can do so much more for your pearly whites!

One of the many services you can avail at a dental clinic is Cosmetic Dentistry. No, it isn’t only for celebrities and fancy people! In a nutshell, it can range from simple procedures to major surgeries. It mainly focuses on the teeth, mouth, and gums’ appearance. For cosmetic purposes, the teeth and gums’ health is not the main focus, so you can’t avail a cosmetic procedure if you just want to know how healthy your teeth are.

With the availability of advanced technology nowadays, there are plenty of cosmetic options that anyone can avail. However, most insurance companies do not cover these types of procedures because they are usually considered as elective rather than urgent procedures.

Cosmetic Dentistry Options

What services can you get from cosmetic procedures for your teeth, gums, and mouth? There are a variety of options which would include:

  • Smile Make Overs
    There are some people who are not quite happy with how their smiles look so a smile makeover could be an option. The dentist does a comprehensive assessment of how the teeth, mouth, and smile looks. Simply put, it is like a facelift for the mouth!
  • Teeth Whitening
    This one is a crowd’s favorite. A lot of people are fond of drinking and eating food that can stain quickly such as coffee, tea, and hard candy. Smoking can also cause teeth to discolor. This procedure can help in brightening or bleaching the teeth.
  • Veneers
    Custom-made porcelain jackets or shells are made and installed over the front teeth to cover up any imperfections or discoloration.
  • Bonding
    Teeth that are broken, chipped, stained, cracked, or have significant space between each other can be bonded with a tooth-colored material so that the mouth can have proportionate-looking teeth.
  • Crown Lengthening
    For people with mouths that look like their gums are more visible than their teeth, this is the recommended procedure for them. Although this would require minor surgery, it could fix the appearance of the teeth by exposing more of the crown and reducing some gum tissue.

How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist?

A dentist is a medical professional who is licensed and trained. Just like any other medical professionals you trust with your health, you need a dentist who is skilled and experienced. There are competent dentists who can do Preventive Dental Care in Lincoln, CA. It will provide anyone with the type of service they want. For best results, you should check the dentist’s before and after procedure photos of patients and their certificate of continuing education. It wouldn’t hurt to ask for your friends’ referrals, as well as they could personally testify how well the dentist is. Most importantly, you would want someone who is a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. You can log onto www.toothspadentistry.com to book an appointment with an efficient dentist at Tooth Spa Dentistry!


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