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Five Un-popular Ways By Which You Can Better Take Care Of Your Teeth

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We all have fundamental ideas on how we can properly care for our dental health. From the time we had our first teeth, our parents have started us with the toothbrush and as we grow old, that regimen continued on, alongside other new rituals. But we really want to have perfect dental health so we often wonder if we are doing less than we should be doing to achieve such perfection.

Dental problems may come despite our optimum dental care practices. But if we notice that we are having more dental problems than usual or that our teeth look less pleasing than others, then perhaps we are not doing enough. So it’s time to take a second look at our normal, everyday activities that may have a direct effect on the health and the appearance of our teeth. Below are some items which we may not have thought to have contributed to our current dental state. So as we read along, we may want to start changing our ways or eventually stopping them to achieve our ever desired pearly white teeth.

1. Be mindful of fluid intake.
If we cannot go on a day without alcohol, soda, or coffee, then we are doing our teeth no favor. These colored and sugary drinks will not only stain our teeth but also contains high amount of phosphorous which depletes our body’s calcium level. We all know how calcium helps us get stronger bones and teeth, right? If we have less of calcium, we have an increased risk of getting tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral problems. So it is best to consume more of the healthy stuff like milk which strengthens our teeth, and water which hydrates our body.

2. Say no-no to tobacco.
Tobacco has a lot of negative effects to our body system. And it does not only cause major diseases in our respiratory system or complicates pre-existing health problems, it can also cause periodontal complications and even oral cancer. Plus, the candies, coffee, tea, and other things we take in to conceal the smoke of tobacco also harms and damages our teeth. And I have not even mentioned the disgusting discoloring it can do to our teeth yet. So it is just best to avoid tobacco and give ourselves a major favor.

3. Complete your dental care regimen.
Some of us may be content with just brushing two or three times a day. There is entirely nothing wrong with brushing. But brushing alone may not be enough. As a part of a total dental regimen, we also have to floss, and gargle with mouthwash to achieve maximum dental cleaning. To achieve optimum results, we have to remember to change our brush every after three months and to use dentist-recommended dental floss and mouthwash brands.

4. Never underestimate your toothache.
When we are bothered by a toothache, we wait for the pain to further escalate before we bring our concern to our dentists. That is not right. At the moment we feel something unusual, it is best to have them checked by our dentist immediately so they can still advise preventive steps to cure the pain or restore the damage. We should not wait for the problem to aggravate or when the problem needs major operation to be treated.

5. Visit your dentist regularly.
Dentist visits should not be limited to when we are having pains or problems. We should be visiting them even for regular check-ups for preventive dental care, as well. Cliched as it may be but prevention is always better than cure.

There is more than one way of caring for our teeth. In fact there are a lot of ways, popular or un-popular, that can help us achieve that perfectly healthy and white smile. So the next best thing for us to do is to start treading on the “good” ways today.

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