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A Love Letter to Older Adults

two grandmas

Dear (please insert your name),

There has to be a nicer way to say this but because we have been together for 65 years and counting, we believe that you need to know that truth hard on. So let us just get straight to the point…

You are old, as in really, really old. In fact you are so old now compared to yesterday that you tend to forget the name of your first grandchild. And because you are withering, you need to stand up for yourself and start caring for your body.

This includes going to the dentists’ every now and then.

We know you have been skipping your dental appointments for as long as we can remember mostly because you are afraid of the dentist’s chair and truth be told, we also are afraid of it.

However, unlike you who only feel a hole drilled to your teeth, we feel that we are stabbed by a lightsaber a hundred times bigger than usual. That is why you are not the victim here, we are!

If you do not convince yourself to stay strong and conquer your fear, you will be a part of a number of elderly going in and out the hospital, draining all of your life savings away. The CDC, NCHS, HHS, as well as the other big guys in the society conducted a research with regards to dental health and the overall wellbeing of an older adult. It says:

  • “Recent research suggests ties between poor oral health and diabetes, stroke, heart disease, lung disease, and other serious health issues.” – DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES
  • “23% of older adults (adults ages 65 and over) have not seen a dentist in the past 5 years.” – ORAL HEALTH AMERICA
  • “In 2012, almost 1 in 5 Americans 65 and older had untreated cavities and over 70% had periodontal (gum) disease.” – NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS and MOYNIHAN, P. & PETERSEN, P.E., PUBLIC HEALTH NUTRITION; 7(1A): 201-226
  • “In 2011, a quarter of Americans 75 and older were missing all of their teeth.” –CENTER FOR DISEASE CONTROL AND PREVENTION
  • “30,000 new cases of pharyngeal ad oral cancer were diagnosed in 2013, resulting in a total of 8,000 deaths.” – NATIONAL CENTER FOR HEALTH STATISTICS

Those statistics and results acquired from researches are frightening most especially because you are now under that age bracket. So what is your excuse for not going to the dentist?

But hold on, there is good news behind all of this. Because of restorative dentistry as well as preventive and cosmetic dental care, we are able to decrease some of the dental concerns of the older population:

  • “Older adults are rapidly becoming less reliant on dentures.” – SLADE, G.D. ET. AL. J DENTAL RES, 2014; 93(10): 959-965 and GRIFFIN, S. ET. AL. AM J PUBLIC HEALTH, 2012. 102(3): 411-418
  • “Research has shown that proper oral health and hygiene reduce the likelihood of an individual developing aspirational pneumonia.” – PACE, CC. AND GH MCCULLOUGH. DYSPHAGIA, 2010. 25(4): 307-322
  • “Cost-effectiveness studies have shown that individuals with chronic diseases, like diabetes and cardiac disease, who receive preventative dental care spend less on their overall health care than individuals with the same conditions who did not receive preventative dental care.” – PACIFIC CENTER FOR SPECIAL CARE, 2013.

What are you waiting for? Do not wait for various illnesses to defeat you before consulting the experts. Call your dentist today and schedule an appointment.

With love,
Your teeth

Tooth Spa Dentistry is a provider of Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA and we offer an array of dental services such as:

  • Preventive Dental Care
  • Restorative Dental Care
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Emergency Dental Care

What sets us apart from other dental clinic here in the area is that we do not only give quality care for your oral health but also pamper you through our complimentary spa services.

Here in Tooth Spa Dentistry, we recognize your needs for a carefree and relaxed trip to the dental chair. To schedule an appointment now, call us at 916-209-3708 or visit our website at www.toothspadentistry.com.

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