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Bridges and Partial Dentures in Lincoln, California

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Whether you are young and old, there have been cases wherein you have lost a tooth (a permanent one) or more and decided you need to restore your smile once again. Hence, you turn to cosmetic dentistry for help.

One of the many capabilities of cosmetic dentistry is installing and making bridges and partial dentures. There may be some information you are not so confident about most especially because the field of dentistry is not your cup of tea.

Tooth Spa Dentistry, a provider of Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, is willing to share with your our expertise with regards to cosmetic dentistry. In this blog, we will be answering frequently asked questions on bridges and partial dentures.

  • Why must I replace a missing tooth? What are the consequences of not doing so?Other than pure cosmetic reasons, there is a sound medical basis for you to add “replace my missing tooth/teeth” on your to-do list. Of course, there are consequences that can happen to you for not doing so and this includes:
    • Straining your other teeth
      Due to the fact that there is a missing region on your gums, other teeth will compensate the loss by working harder. This could put unnecessary stress on the other teeth thus increasing their probability of following the fate of the missing tooth/teeth.
    • Affecting your bite
      Once you have a missing tooth or a missing set of teeth, your bite will be affected because the other teeth that are close to the gap will progressively change its position. Therefore, you need to put major adjustments on the way you bite.
    • Getting food stuck up
      A missing tooth leaves a region where food can get stuck. If it happens, there is a big possibility that the food will burrow to your gums, therefore, leading to infection and more pain.
  • What is a partial denture?“Partial dentures are used when one or more natural teeth remain in the upper or lower jaw. A fixed bridge replaces one or more teeth by placing crowns on the teeth on either side of the space and attaching artificial teeth to them.” – WebMDThink of it like a small plate that contains one or more teeth, replacing the missing ones. It can be made up of plastic or a combination of metal and plastic. The clips or claps are the ones responsible for putting the denture in place.
  • Is it possible to have a bridge fitted right after an extraction of a tooth?We do not immediately install or even fit a bridge after your tooth has been removed. We usually give an allowance of 6 months for the gums to heal. For the time being, you can have a temporary denture installed before the fitting of your bridge.
  • How to properly care for a denture?In order to care for your dentures, follow the steps and tips laid out by www.mayoclinic.org:
    • Remove and rinse dentures after eating
    • Handle your dentures carefully
    • Clean your mouth after washing your dentures
    • Brush your dentures at least once daily
    • Soak dentures overnight
    • Rinse dentures before putting them down in your mouth, especially if using a denture-soaking solution
    • Schedule regular dental checkups
    • See your dentist if you have a loose fit

    Follow those steps and tips in order to ensure the durability of your dentures.

  • Is it advisable to have a bridge installed in order to replace a missing tooth or a group of missing teeth?Before deciding to have a bridge installed on your teeth, your dental team will assess if the bone structure of your mouth is strong enough to support the bridge. If it is fine and your dentist gives you a go signal, then you can have a bridge installed. It is absolutely important to communicate openly with your dentist.

Those are just some of the questions we are frequently asked about. Do you have more? Send them at our website at www.toothspadentistry.com.

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