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4 Bizarre Sensations You Should Never Take For Granted

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Do you see a crooked tooth or feel an aching or sore somewhere inside your mouth? Well, you would think it is probably nothing. But unfortunately, there are a lot of things one’s mouth silently cries for help. From yellow stains, sore gums, cavity pockets, and so on are common dental problems.

Tooth Spa Dentistry, a trusted provider of dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, believes that if you want to take care of your oral health, you need to make sure that every single sign is well-taken care of. Here’s what these bizarre sensations mean.

Well, this is one bizarre sign that you can sleep around with. Toothaches maybe small but its effect can be very debilitating. It often lasts for more than a week and it often reacts when your infected or affected tooth is grinding food and such.

Pain is one signal that a part of our body is screaming for help. Toothache often entails persistent pain that is said to be accompanies by inflamed gums. Only your dentist can actually make it clear for you, so if you have any problem with your teeth, call your provider of dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA today!

Tooth discoloration
There are actually three (3) main types of tooth discoloration—intrinsic, extrinsic, and age-related. When the inner structure darkens or the yellow tint, you probably had too much exposure to fluoride during early childhood, you had trauma in permanent tooth and internal bleeding, or you were born with a rare condition called “dentinogenesis imperfect” or having purple or gray discolorations.

Coffee, cola, wine, and smoking can cause the enamel or the outer layer of the tooth to stain. The age-related type often combines both the intrinsic and extrinsic. It can discolor a tooth, especially when the pulp has been damaged.

Sores in the mouth are also known as mouth ulcers. It is common and can usually be managed at home. It can appear inside the mouth on the lips, tongue, and cheek. They can be red, yellow, grey or white in color and inflamed.

It is often unsafe to treat these at home. You might ask, “When do I go to my dentist?” You can already see your dentist if your mouth sores has lasted over three weeks, you keep getting them and a sore become more painful and red. It could be an indicator of a bacterial infection which may already need antibiotics.

Gum problems
Are you experiencing bleeding gums, inflammation, sensitivity, or redness? These problems may lead to gum disease such as gingivitis or periodontitis if left untreated. Gum problems are often caused by aggressive brushing or flossing, a gum disease as aforementioned, small injuries or irritation, changing hormones, ill-fitting dentures, receding gums, stress, tobacco products, and teething.

You can actually solve a lot of oral care problems as long as you visit your dentist regularly! For quality information and assistance with your problems, call Tooth Spa Dentistry, a reliable provider of dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, today!

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