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Food Items That Are Good for Your Teeth

Food Items That Are Good for Your Teeth

Food provides nourishment for the body, keeping it healthy. Moreover, the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins found in food promote one’s health as well as strengthening the body’s inner workings. Aside from keeping our body in perfect working condition, food also contributes to our oral and dental health. Certain food types are especially beneficial for our teeth.

As a provider of dental care in Lincoln, California, we list down key food types that are good for the teeth.

  • Green and black tea have antibacterial properties that can kill bacteria that cause plaque.
  • Food items that are rich in fiber, such as fruits and vegetables, help you produce saliva, which helps keep the teeth and gums clean and healthy.
  • Dairy products, like milk and cheese, contain high amounts of calcium.
  • Fruits that are rich in fluoride helps strengthen the teeth.

Having a balanced diet while focusing on the food mentioned will help keep your teeth healthy. But, in addition to eating nutritious foods, you must also maintain your oral and dental health by availing preventive dental care in California. Remember that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.

We at Tooth Spa Dentistry provide an array of dental services to keep your pearly whites in tip-top condition. Our dentists and dental staff are professional and have the necessary training to provide the best dental service for you. Check out our website to know more!

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