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Get the Smile of a Movie Star


Do you ever envy movie stars and their million-dollar smiles in ads and photoshoots? It’s easy to think that their pearly whites are taken care of regularly by dental professionals whose cosmetic dentistry services are just as pretty a penny. Well, the good news is here! You can look like a silver screen artist any day without breaking the bank. At Tooth Spa Dentistry, you can get VIP service and come out with a smile that is as blinding as it is healthy! Here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Teeth Whitening- Kiss your coffee-stained teeth goodbye and welcome whiter pearls within minutes! We have a whitening system you can trust to penetrate discolored molecules on your teeth and turn them into a radiant set of smilers.
  • Natural-looking Veneers- Accidents and food preferences that caused tooth deformation or decay cannot be undone. Good thing lasting fixes, like veneer installation, are available to turn your crooked smiles into Instagram-worthy selfies.
  • Tooth fillings that don’t look like they’re there! While silver fillings have good intentions, these don’t make a good look. With tooth-colored fillings, the same purpose is served but camouflaged like your existing porcelains.

More than the primary function of teeth, which is to chew and simplify digestion, it also affects how we feel about ourselves. Surely, we all want to be confidently smiling, talking, and eating. The way we look grants us better impressions from peers and possible employers, too. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe, celebrities were cast because they had great smiles to begin with? What a thought to entertain! Make an appointment with us today. If you need preventive dental care in Lincoln, CA, call us at 916-209-3708.

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