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How To: Properly Clean Your Dentures in 3 Easy Ways


It is easy to get a new replacement for our real teeth nowadays. With the modern technology, there are different choices available for dental care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA. When our natural teeth need to be extracted, we can replace them with dentures that could resemble like that of real teeth.

But when it comes to dentures, the common dilemma is how to preserve them properly. Many people tried to clean their dentures by themselves and oftentimes, it would result in a disaster or damage to their dentures. Today on the blog, we listed down three basic ways on how to clean your dentures properly.

  1. Wash and brush dentures regularly.

    Because our dentures are not natural gums and teeth and some are made of plastic, they tend to accumulate bacteria and food particles throughout the day. And when these particles stay in our dentures for a long time, they can produce a foul smell and give us bad breath.

    So to avoid having oral problems, it would be best if we clean our dentures in the morning and in the afternoon or evening before we go to sleep. In this manner, we do not only get to preserve our dentures but we can save our healthy teeth from decaying as well.

  2. Avoid products that can ruin your dentures.

    Once we get our brand new dentures, it is best to take note of the do’s and don’ts when it comes to maintaining its good condition. For example, if your dentures are made of a soft lining, you need a special brush for that. And when it comes to a firmer material used in the denture, you can have a good set of brush for that too.

    Another common mistake that most people do is that they tend to bleach their dentures to kill the bacteria. However, this is not efficient at all. It will only hasten the decay of your dentures or it can be damaged right away. Should you want intensive cleaning for your dentures, it would be best to ask your dentists at Tooth Spa Dentistry, a Preventive Dental Care in Lincoln, CA, on how to sterilize it.

  3. Visit your dentists regularly.

    Just like your braces, your dentures need constant check-up too. When you feel like the fitting of your dentures is a bit lose or you feel any discomfort when you bite it, then you need to consult with your dentist. They can adjust or fix it to achieve the best fit for your teeth.

How do you take good care of your dentures? Let us know all about it. For your dental care and needs, trust our dentists at Tooth Spa Dentistry to give you quality services. To know more about reservations and queries, feel free to check our website!

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