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Getting Veneers? Do Your Research First!


White and straightened teeth are now fashion statements. As a result, people visit their dentists to have their teeth whitened or straightened using corrective methods like braces.

Veneers are another popular cosmetic procedure. These are wafer-thin materials (resin composite or porcelain) that are used to make your teeth look better. However, many people get veneers without doing extensive research into whether they should. Veneers are a common corrective treatment for chipped, discolored, broken, or smaller-than-average teeth.

Getting veneers has many advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it is critical to consult with your provider of dental care in Lincoln, California, before getting them.

Its benefits are essentially a brighter, more symmetrical smile. Veneers correct and improve the appearance of teeth by addressing your dental cosmetic concerns. However, despite the dashing kilowatt smile, some drawbacks must be addressed.

To better fit veneers, teeth are frequently shaved down to the enamel. This procedure is irreversible and has long-term consequences, especially if they are not installed or performed properly.

The following are some risks associated with poorly done veneers:

  • An increase in tooth sensitivity
  • Chipped or broken veneers cannot be repaired
  • The color of the veneers may differ slightly from the color of your teeth
  • Veneers are still deteriorating
  • They are pricey

Any licensed and certified provider of dental services would advise you to avoid getting veneers unless absolutely necessary. Remember that cosmetic issues can still be addressed without the use of veneers.

Make sure to do your homework before undergoing any dental procedure. Consider the long-term advantages and how they might affect your well-being.

Tooth Spa Dentistry is here to help if you’re looking for a trustworthy clinic that offers preventive dental care in California.

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