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When Does Tooth Extraction Become the Better Choice?

when-does-tooth-extraction-become-the-better-choiceNo matter where we are in life, having a complete set of teeth makes everything easier. It ensures that you can still chew and eat well and will preserve the radiance and beauty of your smile.

As we continue to provide preventive dental care in California, we understand the many factors that can stop you from having a complete set of teeth. While it can be disheartening to lose even one of your pearly whites, there will be times when extracting them is the better choice.

  • Damage Beyond RepairNumerous factors can damage your teeth. They can be infected, damaged through injuries, or deteriorate because of decay. Dental services have several ways to address these damages without extraction, but some simply cannot be saved.If a tooth is damaged beyond repair, extracting it will always be wise. You can preserve your dental health better when these damaged teeth are out of the way.
  • Impacted ToothImpacted teeth are those that have not erupted, grew in the wrong direction, and are stuck inside the gums. When left unaddressed, impacted teeth can lead to infections. Furthermore, the pain you feel with impacted teeth can be intense. Extraction can be the best option to address an impacted tooth.
  • OvercrowdingIf you have a small jawbone, your teeth may become overcrowded. Because of this lack of space, they may grow at unusual angles.

Tooth extraction can give your teeth the space they need to grow correctly. This procedure is sometimes necessary for those needing braces.

Here at Tooth Spa Dentistry, we provide dental care in Lincoln, California, to help you address all your dental news, including possible extractions. Call us today for your inquiries!

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