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Kid’s Oral Health: What is a Cavity?

with the dentist

Kids, listen to this! As much as you want to eat that sweet candy you are eyeing out, you need to stop, breathe deep and ignore the urge. Do you know why? It is because of cavities!

As a provider of professional and soothing Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, Tooth Spa Dentistry needs to let you know everything that has to do with cavities.

  • What is a cavity?
    Cavity (pronounced as: KA-vuh-tee) is one word nobody wants to hear when they go to their dentist’s appointment. This abomination develops when a tooth in your mouth decays or breaks down. You know what else decays and breaks down? A dead and rotten body does! So technically, when your tooth decays, it means that it is dying.
  • What happens when a tooth develops a cavity? Cavity is noticed when there is a hole on one’s tooth. This hole can grow bigger and bigger and even deeper and deeper as time goes by. Having cavities in the first place may seem ordinary and cover a small section on your tooth but time will come that it can get painful to the point that you want it out of your system.
  • How does a cavity form in one’s tooth?The whole on one’s teeth is caused by none other than the plaque. The plaque is a sticky and slimy substance that all bacteria are attracted to. Ones the bacteria is getting too comfortable on the plaque formed on your teeth, they will secrete acids that destroys and eats away the outermost layer of your tooth called enamel. Then the process of decay begins.In some severe cases, the cavity, when left untreated, may reach the core of your tooth where your nerve endings are. If you do not hurry now and seek for out Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, you may experience the excruciating pain of tooth decay.
  • What should happen to a person experiencing cavities?If the person currently has cavities, he or she must book for an appointment to the dentist’s. After which, the following may happen to them:
    • Your trusted dentist will cautiously examine your teeth. He or she may even take some x-rays if ever the cavity has reached one’s nerve endings.
    • If there is indeed a cavity, the dentist will remove the rotted piece of your tooth. Typically, dentists use a special drill for this process.
    • After removing all the rotted areas of your tooth, the dentist will apply a special material on the hole of your tooth. We call this dental service “filling”.
  • Does the whole process hurt?Sometimes, it does. If you do not want to feel pain, dentists can always administer anesthetics so that the area applied by the medicine will go numb.Because we are promoters of Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, we want you to have a healthy oral health. If ever you have a cavity, schedule an appointment now by going to www.toothspadentistry.com
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