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Teen’s Oral Health: Do You Need to Have Braces?

teen's oral health

Tooth Spa Dentistry has been providing Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA for kids, teens, adults and seniors alike. One service our dedicated dentists and staff offer is orthodontics.

Orthodontics is the process of correcting crooked teeth. Teeth correction has made possible through the use of braces. All teenagers are expected to have braces to correct the imperfections of their teeth. But the question is: do you really need to have braces?

Putting braces on has been a part of the American life for teenagers. In fact, as we give Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, we believe that it has been a social expectation for all the teenage and even adult Americans to have braces. Before explaining why everybody needs one, we need to talk first about our teeth.

When we were still little children, we had our very first set of teeth. We call these first set our “baby teeth” or our temporary teeth. BY the time we are already in our teens, these baby teeth are replaced by a permanent set, the ones that we will be wearing and having for the rest of our lives.

Although our teeth are supposed to grow perfectly in its right angle and spacing, not all teeth follow this rule. Some delinquent of a tooth may grow crooked and/or overlapping. Some even grow rooted or twisted. Even people with small mouth suffer from teeth that grow out of place.

In some cases, one’s upper jaw and lower jaw are not of the same size. If one’s lower jaw is too small, the upper jaw will hang over every time the jaw will be shut. This is called an overbite. But if it is the opposite, it is called an underbite.

Imagine having those conditions. Wouldn’t it be embarrassing? But what if we are going to tell you that you can do something to address this problem, to erase this embarrassment? You know, it is possible. That is why our Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA exists in the first place.

Let us go back to our question which is “why do we need braces in the first place?” We need to put braces on our teeth in order to tell our teeth which direction to grow and where should they settle. It is like giving programs to our body so that they can grow exactly as to where we want and need them to grow.

If our team of dental professional suspects that you have the conditions mentioned above or some other condition that can only be treated through the intervention of an orthodontist, we will refer you right away to one.

It really is important to maintain a healthy and nicely-fit set of teeth because if you do so, your life will not only get better socially and economically but also physically. Having braces can give you a lot of benefits in the future. Of course, becoming attractive to the society and to your future employers can be a plus point in having straight and well kept teeth but there is an additional benefit to that because it means that you can utilize your oral health to its full capacity therefore leaving you no excuse to perform poorly.

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