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Parenting Tips: Encourage your Children to Clean their Teeth (Part 1)

girl brushing her teeth

Having a healthy teeth, gums and overall dental health is not something that can be brushed off as another status. It should be a must. Teach your children the importance of cleaning their teeth as young as possible.

But even though it sounds so ideal, any parent knows that teaching their kids to brush their teeth, let alone floss, is easier said than done. You may have already heard of a lot of advice on how you can improve the dental hygiene of your child and let us ask you this: among all the recommendations you received, is it effective?

Get a share of advice from the experts themselves here in Tooth Spa Dentistry as our dentists promote Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA through sharing parenting education and tips on teaching their child how to clean their teeth.

1. Brush your teeth together
Children are excellent imitators and they love doing it. If you are doing it yourself, chances are they will be excited and motivated to do it too. When you brush your teeth, invite your son or daughter in to add up to the positive and happy experience. In this way, they can classify brushing their teeth as a fun activity to do every single day.

2. Use toothpaste flavors that are kid-friendly
You do not want that unpleasant and minty flavor in your mouth when you are still a kid, right? This is also the same for your child. Instead of introducing them to your own kind of toothpaste, why not try those that are sweeter? Also, invest on fluoride-free options because kids are prone to swallowing their pastes whenever they brush.

3. Bright colors capture a kid’s heart
There is a reason why bright-colored toothbrushes are marketed to kids. This is because children would associate it with something enjoyable. If they enjoy doing things, they would continue doing so. There are also toothbrushes that feature their favorite cartoon character or their much loved animal in it.

Or better yet, let them choose their toothbrush while buying for one. It will let them own the experience and teach them that the decision they are making now is beneficial for their own wellbeing.

4. Make negotiations an ally
So your kid is acting up and does not want to brush his or her teeth. Rather than getting mad at them or chasing them all over the house, we suggest you talk and make ends meet. Ask them what they want they want as a reward of they cleaned and brush their teeth for, at most, 3 minutes. Offer rewards like going to the zoo or buying their favorite food if they submit to their routine.

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