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Think What A Simple Smile Can Do (Part 2)

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On the first portion of this blog, we talked about the benefits of a smile that can change your life.

Here on the second part, let’s discuss the gains from smiling that can save your life.

A Simple Smile Can Save Your Life

We continue to refer to the work of Alyssa Detweiler, Awesome Benefits of Smiling, which saw print on Inspiyr.

Here they are:

1. Smiling lowers stress and anxiety

It’s not easy to keep smiling in stressful situations, but studies report that doing exactly that has health benefits. When recovering from a stressful situation, study participants who were smiling had lower heart rates than those with a neutral facial expression.

2. Smiling releases endorphins

Related to the above, smiling can help you manage stress and anxiety by releasing endorphins, chemicals that make you happier. Endorphins are the same chemicals you get from working out or running, resulting in what is known as a runner’s high.

3. Smiling strengthens your immune system

Smiling even makes your immune system stronger by making your body produce white blood cells to help fight illnesses. One study found that hospitalized children who were visited by story-tellers and puppeteers who made them smile and laugh had higher white blood cell counts than those children who weren’t visited.

Like we said in part one of this blog, not everyone is endowed with a pleasing smile.

But given the choice, many of us would have wanted to let loose a cheerful smile, especially at someone they like. But much as they want to grin from ear to ear — others say, molar to molar (no pun intended) — they couldn’t do so for various reasons (feelings excluded).

Most of the reasons for holding back smile center on the mouth, more particularly the teeth, gums, lips, even the tongue.

Crooked teeth, gaps on the dentures, inflamed gums, cavities, plaques, dirty and yellowing dentures, and many others can certainly hold off a precious smile.

And you know what? Holding off a smile or a laugh may cause some air on your stomach to escape down under you know where, which leads to more embarrassments.

Avoid Embarrassments, Call On Tooth Spa Dentistry

As we love to say here at Tooth Spa Dentistry, the comforting Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, have the confidence to smile.

And who would not gain that much sought confidence after having tried any of our top-rated services from preventive dental care to cosmetic dentistry to restorative dental care to emergency dental care and to Invisalign?

Yes, Tooth Spa Dentistry, the soothing Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA, offers Invisalign (more of this topic on another blog).

Touch base with us now through these numbers: phone 916-209-3708; mobile 916-206-1415 and fax 888-858-1377 and get more details about our unique services and our spa-like place. You can also communicate with us through email at toothspadentistry@gmail.com, Lincoln@toothspadentistry.com or through our Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ accounts.

Better still, feel the ambiance of a spa by dropping by the clinic of the calming Dental Care in Sterling Parkway Lincoln CA at 831 Sterling Parkway, Suite #130, Lincoln, CA 95648.

How confident are you with your smile? We would love to hear from you. Just post your reply on the comments section below.

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