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Pros and Cons of Laser Whitening


Many claim that there is no other quickest, most painless method to get your teeth brighter but laser whitening. However, before deciding to get your teeth whitened through a laser method at dental care in Lincoln, California, figure out the pros and cons first. They are as follows:

  • Pros of laser teeth whitening
    This method is the quickest way to get noticeably whiter teeth, removing difficult stains that other whitening products or dental services may not be able to. The procedure is easy and non-invasive with results that can last for a long time, from six months to two years, if you care for your teeth properly. The process is generally quick, usually taking less than an hour. There are also certain types of laser teeth whitening treatments that can lighten some very stained teeth.
  • Cons of laser teeth whitening
    With all its quick benefits, the laser whitening method is the most expensive way to whiten teeth. After the treatment, you may experience irritation or tooth sensitivity, but these should go away over time when properly managed. Every year or two, you will have to undergo two or more follow-up sessions to ensure lasting results. Make sure to get the treatment at preventive dental care in California and not outside such as in a mall’s kiosk. Such an informal setting may not be performed by dental health care professionals and so you might not likely receive the same level of care before and after the procedure.

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