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Teeth Caring and Cavity Prevention for Adults


As kids, we were taught to always brush our teeth. Our parents viciously remind us that candies and other sweets bring us cavity and if we don’t brush and floss, we will lose all our teeth. It’s a terrible way to teach kids but it kind of works for a time. Although we thought we learned all the important things when we were younger, the truth is, a lot of adults still have problems with cavity.

We, at Tooth Spa Dentistry have years of excellent dental services in our repertoire. We have seen our share of adults coming to us because of cavity and other issues that result from it. We have a few helpful tips to help you care for your teeth better.

  • Be diligent in brushing.
    It may sound like the advice you heard as a child but you must keep doing it in adulthood. As experts in preventive dental care in California, we’re here to tell you that regularly brushing your teeth at night is the holy grail of dental care.
  • Layoff the sugar.
    It’s the culprit, always has been. When we eat carbohydrates or anything with sugar, we also increase the risk of getting a cavity. Too much sugar is not only bad for your teeth but it also has serious health implications.
  • Do regular dentist visits.
    Your dentist knows what is best for you and your teeth. So don’t skip your regular visits.

If you need a reliable partner in dental care in Lincoln, California, we got you covered. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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